Lead Roofing

Lead roofs have a long reputation but the expertise to fully take over lead roof restorations are something that only few possess. At John Boltin Roofing, we are backed up by seasoned lead roofing experts with extensive technical knowledge and skills to handle the material.

With several years of experience in business and home buildings, we work to the best of our capacity to ensure excellent lead roof setups and restorations. Our broad array of lead roofing setup and roof rectification tasks offer commercial and homeowners the necessary roofing solutions. 

Whether you have major or minor lead roofing needs or own a commercial or home property, we can handle all your maintenance, restoration, and replacement requirements. 

To speak with our expert roofing technicians and meet your lead roofing  needs, call us at: 07412 017861

Professional Lead Roofing Set-ups, Maintenance & Repair Services
Our company will come and inspect your lead roofing to find out whether it requires some restoration work if the lead layers, facets and flashings are in working condition and we’ll suggest only the necessary scope of the work.
Our seasoned roofing technicians offer the entire lead roofing services across London, Essex, Surrey, and Kent.

●Patch repairs to the entire lead roof
●Set-ups and restoration work
●Inspection and repair of lead layers, flashings and facets
●100% warranty on all our lead roofing services

Get in touch with our team of experts for all your lead roofing maintenance and reapir or replacement requirements.
Call us today and we will schedule a free no-obligation inspection and offer through one of our lead roofing technicians.

Call us now at: 07412 017861

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07412 017861

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The price was great for the job.

He is very friendly, trustworthy and would use him again if and when I need ware doing.

Excellent worker.

MRs J. Hunt.

Letter of recommendation.

In December they carried out render repairs, gutter and fascia replacement and exterior painting of my house. They were reliable and competitively priced.

I am happy with the work carried out and have hesitation in recommending him.

K. Latham.

Email Thanks

Could not wish job better workman ship for everything done to a high standard would recommend him to anyone who wanted a quality job

Mrs Jones.