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We remove all the moss and algae junk out of your roofs as well as the leaves and other junk from your gutters in order to avoid contamination and expensive deterioration to the material of your home property. We are able to remove all dirt and debris from your roof with a wire and no water force which may ruin your sensitive roofing and bypass your roof canals.

Roof Cleaning Croydon Procedure

Thanks to our roof cleaning service, all algae, moss, lichen, or any other form of grime that is accumulated under your roof will be cleaned. During the roof cleaning Croydon phase, we will do all the necessary steps to remove all grime from gutters and downpipes and clear any debris from the roof. Once the roof is nice and clean, we will wipe and rinse your walls, doors, and windows to their original pre-work condition.

Why We Use Only Wire Brushing

Roofing professionals advise not to expose roof tiles to high levels of pressure rinsing or jet cleansing for several reasons, including:

  • Cleansing of lichen and moss through jet washing will perpetually take off the granular layer finish and might possibly ruin the tile’s skeletal stability. This procedure together with a subsequent ground treatment job will perpetually nullify any tile’s producer guarantee.
  • Interlinking roof tiles are not intended to be walked over. Any foot pressure may lead to the breakage of these connections and exposure of the roof up to the water opening.
  • Wrong pressure cleansing may possibly exercise extra stress and pressure between the tiles and roofing felt into the roof area. Set mortar and flashings can also be removed with this technique, possibly raising the costs for repair.

Hence we have chosen to clean all our roofs manually with only a wire brush. Just see the difference that a clear roof can make.

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Affordable Roof cleaning Croydon


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The price was great for the job.

He is very friendly, trustworthy and would use him again if and when I need ware doing.

Excellent worker.

MRs J. Hunt.

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In December they carried out render repairs, gutter and fascia replacement and exterior painting of my house. They were reliable and competitively priced.

I am happy with the work carried out and have hesitation in recommending him.

K. Latham.

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Could not wish job better workman ship for everything done to a high standard would recommend him to anyone who wanted a quality job

Mrs Jones.